Perl and Koha conference SCHEDULE

Schedule by days and streams (complex list)

Talks list

We aim to provide an abundance of professional events, while also giving you the opportunity to enjoy Helsinki and Finnish culture. We will also host networking breaks, community evenings, social events, and workshops. The main days talks will be backed up with video recordings for future reference. We will provide a live stream for those who cannot attend in person, but remember, this is just a small part of the great experiences awaiting you here in Helsinki. So if you're hesitating, please don't 🤗. Just register, build your trip, and come.

Professional program

14th-18th of August, 9:00-18:30 (preliminary)

  • 14-16 August: Three days of talks organized in three streams.
    • Two Perl streams, featuring a variety of topics including Perl, DevOps, Linux, and general YAPC style talks. Koha development topics, due to their full-featured Perl nature, will also be included in these streams.
    • And one Koha stream (more usage & features-dev oriented).
    • All three days will end with an hour of Lightning talks and small HR/self advertisements.
  • 17-18 August: Workshop days feat. various sessions. Among those planned:
    • [Perl] Perl development training (beginner lessons, and pro- users round table).
    • [Perl] Perl language, Perl dev tools and future vision.
    • [Perl/Koha] Koha new developers base training.
    • [Perl/Koha] Koha bugs elimination hackathon.
    • [Koha] Future features and growth plan for Koha.
    • [Koha] Koha User Documentation. Koha Developer Documentation.
    • More TBA.

Social events

  • Evening of 14th August: there will be a reception in the main hall of the National Library of Finland. This event is free for attendees and their partners, and a separate social event registration form has been sent to you.
  • Evening of 15th August: Sea cruise around Helsinki (nominal fee expected to ensure commitment and avoid no-shows, you, friends, partner or family are welcome / a separate registration and fee payment form has been sent to you).


Evening gatherings in pubs, a warming-up party on Sunday (13th), post-conference tourist gatherings over the weekend (Sat 19th, Sun 20th), as well as festivals and cultural events happening around the city will be recommended on this site.

We recommend planning your family trips between the 12th and 20th (Sat-Sun) to ensure you have time for yourself as well. And we will propose Companion Guidance for your family and friends who come with you.

It's all about What is PerlPerl and What is KohaKoha.

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