Here's what we want you to know related to our conference:


Keynote talks

We want to present Navi
and her creator
William N. Braswell, Jr. AKA Will the Chill
William N. Braswell, Jr. AKA Will the Chill

This online keynote talk will be made by Navi with Will together, and scheduled for Tuesday 9am EEST time



Meet organisations behind the conference:
our organisers, partners and whom we support.


End of registration tomorrow, 4th of August

if you have not yet registered, please do this now!

registration is mandatory but free,

and participation free of charge,
so please, follow up the registration here ASAP.


The Schedule is complete now

check 3 days of talks
and 2 days for workshops,

all in three streams of various Perl and Koha topics, many for developers, some for end-users and librarians, when the product meets the language, and users meet developers. As well as YAPC- and DevOps style talks for long-time Perl geeks, and also some for beginners, and people who want to come from Perl to Koha world or Koha world to Perl.


Registration is open now, and it's FREE!

You are welcome to fill in and let's plan your visit:

Transport and Travel. Hotels and Apartments.
Location and Venue. Social Events.
Tips: 101, food, weather, time, language. What to See and Do in Helsinki.

Perl and Koha Dromedary


We made our conference FREE of charge. Then,

we took part in Koha 23.05 Release,

and now launching registration, working on the schedule, social events.

More expected, track us: it's @PerlKohaCon channel everywhere:


We extended our "Call" untill 14th of May:

Perl and Koha Dromedary

we need more Lightning talks, dozen more Perl talks,
and a few more Koha talks,

fill in the form and get extra info on a separate page.

NOT A SPEAKER? Then please call your social bubble to participate, refer all to here:, and of course, come yourself as an attendee.

WANT TO BECOME A FIRST-TIME SPEAKER? We will help you! Communicate with us at; we have "a new talker supporter team" to assist.


The "Call for talks" end time has been extended

we are accepting talks up to the 30th of April 14th of May,

we need more Perl talks and general IT topics!

And you are welcome to fill in the form and read extra info on recommendations and explanations on a separate page.


What is Perl What is Koha

We are accepting talks,

Perl and Koha Dromedary

and deadline for this will be on 16th of April, 30th of April 14th of May. You are welcome to fill up one or few proposals of your talks, and you can read extra info on recommendations and explanations on the separate page.

It's all about What is PerlPerl and What is KohaKoha.

Koha official site