Location and Venue

(this page also has Services near our conference building Mets├Ątalo info below)

The conference venue is Mets├Ątalo.

Mets├Ątalo (Swedish: Forsthuset, English: Forest House) was completed in 1939 for the University of Helsinki's forestry departments and the Finnish Forest Research Institute. The facilities are now used by the language disciplines of the Faculty of Arts.

The venueis address is:

Mets├Ątalo - Wikidata

Map of the venue location and other points of interest:

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Conference will be held in the big and spacey University of Helsinki building named Mets├Ątalo, which is located:

University of Helsinki is generally occupying a few huge blocks in the middle of Helsinki city:

and our National Library of Finland main office where organizers team resides now:

Services near our conference area:

University of Helsinki metro station:

  • Exiting Mets├Ątalo, walk along Kaisaniemekatu to the left (follow the tram tracks) about 100 metres, and you fill find the nearest entrance:
  • At the station, you will find:
    • Grocery store K-market
    • R kiosk - snacks, stamps, etc.
    • Tokmanni - e.g. small electronics, batteries, simple clothing, and much else
    • Cafes and lunch restaurants

Kluuvi Shopping Centre:

  • Exiting Mets├Ątalo, turn left to Fabianinkatu, uphill. Walk 300 metres, take the first corner to the right and walk 50 metres. Entrance is in the red brick building on the left.
  • More restaurants, and coffees within easy reach

Bars and Pubs Nearby:

  • The Thirsty Scholar: Turn left to Fabianinkatu, uphill. Walk 130 metres.
  • Kaisla: Turn left to Kaisanimenekatu (tram line), walk 100 metres. Cross the street before the tram stop, the pub is a little left.

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