What to See and Do in Helsinki

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Helsinki Islands

  • Suomenlinna Fortress:
    • UNESCO World Heritage site.
    • Great for just a walk on the ramparts on your own, but we recommend a guided tour.
    • Bring your own torch, if you want to explore the fortifications!
    • There are several restaurants and cafes, and six museums.
    • The islands can be reached in 15 minutes by a municipal ferry from the Market Square (Kauppatori), HSL ticket for AB zone. There are also private boat services.
    • All the details: www.suomenlinna.fi/en/
  • Seurasaari Open Air Museum:
    • Buildings from all parts of the country: farmsteads, manor houses, and a wooden church built in 1685.
    • Also great for walks and picnics.
    • Reached in 15 minutes by bus no 24 from Kamppi Bus Terminal, HSL ticket for AB zone.
    • Details: www.kansallismuseo.fi/en/seurasaarenulkomuseo
  • Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari:
    • Military islands opened to the public only a few years ago. Thanks to long seclusion, the islands are a safe haven for vulnerable flora and fauna.
    • 20 minutes' ride from the Market Square (Kauppatori) to Vallisaari.
    • During the conference, they are the venue of the Helsinki Biennale art exhibition, helsinkibiennaali.fi
    • More information: vallisaari.fi/en_US
  • Korkeasaari:
    • Helsinki Zoo.
    • 20 minutes' ferry ride from the Market Square (Kauppatori).
    • 150 species - tigers, bisons, etc.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • All the details: www.korkeasaari.fi/en/
  • Isosaari:
    • Father out, facing the open sea - 40 mins boat ride from the Market Square (Kauppatori).
    • Another former military area, opened to the public in 2017, still some restricted areas.
    • 20th century coastal artillery fortifications. Café.
    • All the details: visitisosaari.fi/en/

Parks, hiking, camping

  • Nuuksio National Park:
    • 1 hour 10 mins to one way using public transport; 45 minutes by car.
    • Very typical Finnish nature and views.
    • Marked trails, geocaching, cycling routes.
    • Camping sites.
    • Nature Centre Haltia: restaurant, shop, equipment rental.
    • Details: www.nationalparks.fi/nuuksionp
  • Rastila Camping:
    • 30 mins convenient metro ride to the city centre.
    • Cottages, caravan & tent pitches. Wifi, saunas, coffee & lunch.
    • More information: rastilacamping.hel.fi/en/

Our Top 10 of Museums

Restaurants, Cafés

  • Back to the 50s, or 30s: the Classics:

    • Kolme kruunua:
    • On menu traditional dishes like fried Baltic herring, meatballs, and pike parch à la Mannerheim.
    • Interior was designed to receive guests of the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.
    • Walking distance from the venue.
    • kolmekruunua.fi/en/

    • Sea Horse:
    • Onion steak and vorschmack have been on the menu for decades.
    • en.seahorse.fi

Sauna and swimming

Day Trips from Helsinki

  • Porvoo: www.visitporvoo.fi/en/
    • 50 kms, 1 hour by bus
    • Bus fares 20–25 euros for round trip
    • Mediaeval church on the hilltop. red-painted warehouses by the river, and a wooden old town between, the view of old Porvoo is iconic. Good restaurants, small boutiques, museums, and other attractions make it a popular spot for one-day visits from Helsinki.
  • Turku: en.visitturku.fi
    • 170 kms, 2 hours by train, or bus
    • Fares around 40 euros for round trip
    • The capital of Finland until 1828, Turku used to be the greatest and riches of Finnish cities. It is still perhaps the most stylish. Turku Castle was started around 1300, as was the cathedral.
    • You might consider staying for an evening. (For the popular restaurants, reservation is a must.)
  • Tallinn, Estonia: visittallinn.ee/eng
    • You can visit Tallinn by going early and returning late, the ferry ride taking 2 hours plus the formalities. But there is lots to see, so consider staying a night.
    • Fares around 70 euros for round trip.
    • Remember you will be crossing border, take your travel documents.
    • Tallinn Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tallinn was an important city back when Helsinki did not yet exist!
    • Ferries: en.tallink.com/book-a-cruise

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