Tips: 101, food, weather, time, language


Emergencies: For ambulance, police, and rescue services, call 112.

The conference organizers are there to help you with any problems.

Hospitals, pharmacies:

  • See myhelsinki.fi/en/info/practical-information
  • Note that all medicines are available in pharmacies only. Look for the sign "Apteekki". The Yliopiston Apteekki serves from 07 am to midnight in Mannerheimintie 5. A 24/7 Pharmacy is located in Mannerheimintie 96.
  • Emergency duty: Haartman Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4, +358 (0)9 3106 3231. Open 24h.

  • Non-urgent medical care: e.g. Terveystalo Kamppi, Jaakonkatu 3, +358 (0)30 6000. Open 24h.

  • Non-urgent health care guidance 24/7: +358 (0) 9 310 10023

In non-urgent police matters (e.g. in case of theft) please contact conference organizers, or Helsinki Police Department.

General information

Practical info about currency, electricity, tipping, weather etc., please visit myhelsinki.fi/en/info/practical-information

Time Zone

In summer (during PerlKohaCon), daylight saving time UTC +3:00. Otherwise UTC +2:00. In other words, the clock is 7 hours ahead of New York, 2 hours ahead of London, 1 hour ahead of Paris.

Weather in mid-August (history)

Temperature can reach 21°C and drop down to 12°C by night. Light rain is usual but no extreme conditions are to be expected.

Please mind that Helsinki is by the sea, so very probably there will be cool breezes even on relatively warm days. Our local weather site.


English is generally spoken. You can be assured that English is widely understood and spoken.

Finnish is the principal language. 5 % of Helsinki dwellers speak Swedish, the other official language, as their first language. You will notice that street signs are bilingual (fi/sv).

Finns appreciate it when you make an effort to use some Finnish words, and the language is pronounced as it is written. Here are a few words to get you started: Tervetuloa (Welcome) to use some! Hei (Hi/Hello), Kiitos (Thank you), Ei (No), Kyllä/Jo-o (ä like in man Yes/Yeah), Auta! (help!), Anteeksi (Sorry), Huono (Bad), Hyvä (Good), Mukava (Nice), ja (and) Loistava (Great)!

Food, drink, daily necessities, shopping

Food safety: All food is generally safe. Helsinki tap water is pure and tastes good.

Diets: Vegetarian and non-lactose, also vegan options are often available.

Restaurants and nightlife

Groceries, and daily consumer goods: Look for these names: Alepa; K-market, K-supermarket, S-market, Lidl. R-kiosks are ubiquitous for snacks, etc.

All taxes are included in the prices. Citizens of non-EU countries are eligible for tax-free returns of purchases made in shops displaying the Tax Free sign. Ask shops for instructions.

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