Perl and Koha conference in Helsinki, 2023, 14th - 18th of August, 2023 (14-16th talks and 17-18th workshops and extras)

The Schedule is here.

and it's just tomorrow when we start!

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Meet organisations behind the conference: our organisers, partners and whom we support.

from the newsline

14th - 18th of August, 2023

at University of Helsinki

14th - 16th of August: three main days in three parallel streams for Perl and Koha presentations, made possible by your talks and attendance. With live streaming and recording.

Then, two more days (17th and 18th of August) of workshops: Perl training, also a masterclass for new Koha developers, Koha improvement initiatives, discussions on the future of Perl as a language, and some more.

The conference falls in Week 33. We recommend planning your tourist and family trips between 12th-20th August (Saturday-Sunday). We will be proposing a Companion Guidance for your family and friends who are accompanying you. More details can be found on our Schedule page.

Welcome booklet (old)

This was the first announce booklet. In it you'll find FAQs and an introduction to our united conference for the Perl Community (YAPC::Europe) and the Koha Community (KohaCon).

Also here the link to the intro slides which was to present the event.

It's all about What is PerlPerl and What is KohaKoha.

Koha official site