Perl and Koha conference in Helsinki, 2023, 14-16 August 2023 (14-18 August with workshops and extras)

14-18 August 2023

at University of Helsinki

three main days (14-16 August) of talks in a few streams,
then two more days (17-18 August) of workshops and extras.

It's all about full week 33, so we recommend to plan tourist & family trip in range 12-20 (Sat-Sun): we will propose partners programme for your family and friends who come with you. More on Schedule page.

We took part in Koha 23.05 Release,

and now preparing for the registration phase, planning the schedule and doing some internal ogranisational tasks.

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it's @PerlKohaCon channel everywhere:

Welcome booklet

There you will find some FAQs and intro for this our united Perl Community (YAPC::Europe) and Koha Community (KohaCon) conference!

Also here the link to intro slides.

It's all about Perl official site Perl and Koha official site Koha.